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It's Back! Jolly Pumpkin's iO Saison
Written by Mike Reis   
Friday, 11 March 2016 21:13

It's Back! Jolly Pumpkin's iO Saison

Dry, tart, crisp, elegant, and floral, Jolly Pumpkin's iO Saison is a beer we'd be thrilled drink any day of the year. It's a perfectly conceived and executed red saison that is quite unlike any other beer out there. And while it's a sturdy drink that develops beautifully as it ages, it's especially great fresh in the opening days of spring here in California.

Brewed with citrusy, tannic rose hips, juicy, floral hibiscus, and aromatic rose petals, it's a sour saison you won't want to miss, and this year's release has just rolled into our warehouse.

98 on RateBeer!

Now available in 750ml bottles, 1/6th barrel kegs & 1/2 barrel kegs.

Also available from Jolly Pumpkin:

Bam Biere
Bam Noire
Calabaza Blanca
Fuego del Otoño
La Parcela
Madrugada Obscura
Maracaibo Especial
Noel de Calabaza
Oro de Calabaza
Crooked Stave and Prairie Walk Into a Brewery...
Written by Mike Reis   
Thursday, 03 March 2016 01:21

Crooked Stave and Prairie Walk Into a Brewery...

Nope, that's not the start of a bad joke--it's the start of some seriously good beers. You see, both of these folks have recently made the trek out to Denmark to visit their friends atAmager Bryghus to collaborate on two tasty releases, which we have available now. Check 'em out:

Chad: King of the Wild Yeasts
Chad Yakobsen of Crooked Stave has rightfully earned a reputation for wild yeast wizardry, haven written about and experimented extensively with Brettanomyces and other funkifying organisms. Naturally, on his trip to Denmark, he's gone and made a Brett-forward saison with his buddies at Amager. Chad: King of the Wild Yeasts builds on a dry, earthy base with a layered hop profile provided by Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo and Citra hops. It's dry and tropical, punchy and satisfying.
93 on RateBeer!

Tulsa Twister
And because drinkers can just never seem to get enough hoppy Brett saisons, Amager also has Tulsa Twister out now, their collaboration with Prairie Artisan Ales. It's a single-malt, single-hop Brett saison made with Simcoe hops and gentle pilsner malt. It's a lean and drinkable beer at 7.5% ABV with a peppery yeast character running alongside a citrus peel hop bitterness.
95 on RateBeer!

Now available in 500ml bottles.
Introducing: Dragon's Head Cider
Written by Mike Reis   
Thursday, 03 March 2016 01:19

Introducing: Dragon's Head Cider

Last month, we made a quick trip up to Portland, Oregon, to attend CiderCon, the United States Association of Cider Makers' big industry conference. It was a cider-soaked week and an exciting one, spent surrounded by about 1000 of our enthusiastic partners and peers.

As we made our way through session after session on the marketing of craft cider, orchard work, and service and presentation, it became clear that there were a small group of producers that everyone in the conference center was buzzing about.

This is a big deal--the cider world is one that is notoriously divided when it comes to the meanings of "quality," "craft," and "best practices." To encounter universal praise of a producer is proof that they're doing something right.

Dragon's Head Cider is one of those producers that everyone that knows cider seems to love--a real cider maker's cider maker. We were thrilled to get to spend some time with Wes and Laura Cherry, the husband/wife team behind these brilliant ciders, knowing that our first order from Dragon's Head was following us home.

We're so excited to be expanding our cider portfolio with bottles and kegs from this fantastic Washington producer.

Now available:

Manchurian Cider
Manchurian Cider gets its name from the Manchurian Crabapple, a tart, punchy little apple that provides brightness and a soft, drying astringency to the finish of this complex, tropical, citrusy, and drinkable cider.
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6 bbl kegs.

Wild Fermented Cider
Dragon's Head ferments this cider with just the wild yeast present on and in the apples used to create it. The result is aromatic, dry, fruity, and a little funky--it's a farmhouse experiment gone very right.
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6 bbl kegs.

Traditional Cider
Traditional Cider is made with more than 20 rare, old school varieties of apple that are grown specifically for cider production. These apples provide an earthy aromatic richness and underlying structure not available from apples grown for eating.
Now available in 750ml bottles & 1/6 bbl kegs.

Pippin Cider
Made entirely from the famed Newtown Pippin apple, this cider has a bright and tart profile, with white wine and melon-like aromatics.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Perry is tough to get right, but Dragon's Head has done a beautiful job with this perry made from Taylor's Gold pears and fruit from 100+ year old seedling trees that grow exclusively on their home Vashon Island.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

The Business & Kiss the Goat are Here!
Written by Mike Reis   
Thursday, 03 March 2016 01:17

The Business & Kiss the Goat are Here!

Those of you that have been dying for the next great Black Doppelbock or Brit-American Pale Ale can stop holding your breath--Gigantic Brewing Company has answered your prayers. Okay, so maybe you didn't know you wanted these beers, but trust me--you do.

Gigantic, as they tend to do, have gone out of the box with their two new releases. Beers #38 and #39 are The Business Brit-American Pale Ale and Kiss the Goat Black Doppelbock.
As always, the beers are designed to perfection, displaying complexity, balance, and brilliant craftsmanship.

Check 'em out:

Kiss the Goat
Kiss the Goat is a rich black doppelbock with roasty, chocolatey aromatics and eminent drinkability despite a formidable 8% ABV. According to the brewer, this one is "perfect for midnight masses, dancing naked in the moonlight, and malevolent altars." We'd like to note that a glass and a comfy chair are also great options.

The Business
The Business is described as a "Brit-American Pale Ale," built on a base of dense, bready English malt and 'mericanized with some bright, punchy, and characteristically American hops. Gigantic may have created the perfect burger beer in this one, but it's wildly pairable with all kinds of foods or just the aforementioned glass and chair.

Now available in 22oz bottles and 1/6 bbl kegs.
Spectacular Sour Cherry Wines from Frederiksdal
Written by Mike Reis   
Wednesday, 20 January 2016 19:59

Spectacular Sour Cherry Wines from Frederiksdal

Frederiksdal's cherries first came through our warehouse doors in lambic form, as a part of Mikkeller's truly excellent SpontanCherryFrederiksdal. It was a memorable delight--juicy and tart, with captivating depth in fruit character. Little did we know at the time, we'd soon have access to the excellent sour cherry wines produced from that very same Danish estate, thanks to our friends at Shelton Brothers

These are incredible drinks, made entirely from Denmark's famous
Stevnsbær cherry, a sour cherry variety prized for its intense, complex flavor. They're fermented in steel, oak, and glass, yielding well-rounded and utterly delicious wines that are unlike anything else we've seen in the States. We're very excited to share them with you!

Now available:

Late Bottled
Typically, Frederiksdal's wines take about 10 months to make the transition from cherries on the tree to wine in your glass. Late Bottled takes a bit longer. 90% of this wine is aged in stainless steel for 18 months, yielding a rounder, smoother drink. The remaining 10% comes from oak foudres, which impart a nice tannic finish and chocolatey flavors that help this wine really shine alongside rich desserts. 

Reserve is aged even longer, this time for 30 months and entirely in oaken casks. It's also spontaneously fermented using the wild yeast and bacteria present on the cherries as they are picked. It is a truly complex, truly special wine that is lightly fortified using house-distilled cherry spirits. Decant and serve alongside big, rich meats, cheeses, and desserts.
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