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Product Feature: Jackie O's Babbling Brook
Written by Trent Thornberry   

Product Feature:
Jackie O's Babbling Brook

Jackie O's makes beers with nuance. Whether you're holding a snifter of one of their spectacular imperial stouts or a pint of their excellent Gose, you can expect a beautifully made beer with layers of depth that will continue to reveal themselves to you the longer you sip your drink. This quality is perhaps most evident in their vast array of barrel-aged mixed culture sour ales, which showcase a huge range of character from the base beers, the organisms that ferment them, and the wooden vessels in which the beers are aged. 

Babbling Brook exemplifies the brewery's skill within the style--it's a beautiful mixed fermentation saison built to mimic the vinous minerality found in Chablis and well-made cider. It's dry and tart, but a six-month stint in Vin Santo dessert wine barrels brings a bit of richness to the table. It's a crisp, drinkable delight, with citrusy, vinous aromatics and a subtle complementary oakiness that ties everything together nicely. It's brilliant stuff, and it's available now in 500ml bottles. 

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White Knobs Black Diamonds is a California exclusive sour ale blend inspired by the dark sour ales of Flanders. It's made up of oak-aged sour red and brown ales blended with mixed fermentation saison. A once-in-a-lifetime blend!

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