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Transcontinental Hop Mastery
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 20:29

Transcontinental Hop Mastery

The Lost Abbey/Pizza Port, Bagby Beer Company, and De La Senne are very different breweries, but they share one thing in common: a reputation for their masterful use of hops. So it makes some sense that brewers from each have put their heads together to create Schieven IPA, a delightful collaboration made at De La Senne.

The beer Jeff Bagby, Yvan de Baets, and Mike Rodriguez came up with is (naturally) a hop-forward one--an amber IPA with a snappy, crisp, and bitter hop character. Pine-like, orange peel aromatics are wed with a toasty malt character and fruity fermentation-born esters. It's balanced but boldly flavorful, showcasing the skills each brewer brought to the table.

We've just received kegs and a very limited amount of bottles of this special beer. Check it out!

Now available in 330ml bottles & 20L KeyKegs while supplies last.
The Best of the Northwest, Now in Stock!
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 20:27

The Best of the Northwest, Now in Stock!

The Pacific Northwest has always been one of our favorite places to eat, drink, and explore, but we're always surprised when we stumble upon producers from the region that somehow make us love it even more. We've recently started working with two producers, E9 Brewery and Wildcraft Cider Works, that have further solidified the PNW as a sort of mystical beverage paradise in our minds.

We've received shipments from both that we're really excited about, with new favorites we're sure you'll enjoy. Check it out!

Now available:

E9 Redamancy
Redamancy is a beer that loves you back. It's a delicious dry-hopped saison with elegant tropical fruit aromatics and an underlying spiciness in total harmony. Floral, Bretty, refreshing stuff.
Now available in 750ml bottles.

Wildcraft Flagship Hard Cider
Wildcraft's simply named "Hard Cider" is a wonderful expression of everything they do well. It's made from locally-grown Oregon apples, fermented with native yeast to full dryness. It has incredible complexity but remains totally crushable, thanks to its impressive balance. A total delight.
Now available in 500ml bottles.

Also available from E9 & Wildcraft:

E9 Farmhouse 1000 - Farmhouse 1000 offers up funky, rustic deliciousness. Floral and effervescent with a complex fermentation profile and a snappy finish.

Wildcraft Pioneer Perry - This is a perry made up of a mix of both wild and cultivated pears to create a drink that is off-dry and rich with huge aromatics, but remains drinkable and satisfying.

Wildcraft Elderberry Perry - An intense, elegant perry made from Bartlett pears and whole-fermented foraged elderberries. Vinous, full-bodied, and juicy.

Wildcraft Wild Mirabelle Plum - Made with Oregon-grown biodynamic French Mirabelle plums, fermented whole and pressed to create a rich plum wine that is blended back into a base of tart Gravenstein-heavy cider.

Wildcraft Wild Rose - Wild Rose is a truly unusual cider made with whole foraged wild roses, cold-infused into a base of ultra-complex, blended, wild fermented cider. Fresh, floral, and bright with huge aromatics.
It's Poppin': Grimm's Blueberry Pop!
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 20:25

It's Poppin': Grimm's Blueberry Pop!

In this golden age of craft beer creativity, it's rare that a brewery can surprise us with a new style of beer we've never seen before. With their series of "dessert Berliner weisses," Grimm Artisanal Ales did just that. The brewery has dubbed these beers "creamsicle-inspired," which makes sense: these are beers with big, lush fruit flavor, backed up by a rush of vanilla aromatics and a touch of residual sweetness. They are insanely delicious.

The newest addition to the "Pop!" family of dessert Berliners is Blueberry Pop!, which, appropriately, features blueberries as the fruit contribution. It has huge blueberry flavor which is perked up a bit by a tangy lactic acidity and rounded out with just the right amount of lactose sweetness. A touch of oaky tannin helps keep things balanced and a bright pink hue keeps it pretty.

It's a delightful beer that is rich but refreshing--not heavy or cloying--and fruit-packed but complex. Bring on more dessert Berliners, beer world--this is great!

Now available in 22oz bottles.
Now Available: The Bold & Beautiful In the Pocket
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 20:22

Now Available:
The Bold & Beautiful In the Pocket

Crux Fermentation Project is best known for their balanced and delicious IPAs and pilsners, and rightfully so! In a crowded market that is drowning in examples of these styles, the beers from Crux stand out from the pack. We're always happy to find a fresh Pilz or Half Hitch in our glass.

With their "[Banished]" series, Crux dabbles in the world of barrel aged beers, pushing aside "clean and crushable" in favor of "funky," "strong," and "boldly creative." The series offers evidence that Crux is, in fact, good at everything they do.

Their latest [Banished] release, In the Pocket, is a big imperial saison, weighing in at 9.9% ABV. It has been aged in red wine barrels with two strains of Brettanomyces (Lambicus & Bruxellensis), resulting in a tart, fruity force of a beer that will challenge your concept of "barrel aged saison." It's rustic, vinous, and rich, with surprisingly drinkability despite its heft. It's fantastic stuff, and it's available now!

Now available in 750ml bottles.
Suburban Beverage is Back!
Written by Trent Thornberry   
Thursday, 24 August 2017 20:20

Suburban Beverage is Back!

It's officially summer here in California--the sun is shining, the grills are fired up, and everybody's getting a little thirstier. Thankfully, one of our favorite summer refreshers has arrived just in time to quench the thirsts of sweaty beer drinkers everywhere.

That's right, not only is it now summer, but it's also Suburban Beverage season. Perennial's excellent gose is back, ready to fill your poolside glasses. It really is the perfect hot-weather quencher, a tart, hazy pale ale spiked with salt, orange peel, lemon peel, and key lime juice. It's citrus-packed and a touch grainy, with the bright snap of lactic acid coming up on the finish. It's delightful stuff and it's available now!

Now Available in 750ml bottles and 1/6th barrel kegs.

Also available from Perennial:

17 Mint Chocolate Stout 12x750
Hommelbier 1/6 & 1/2 bbl kegs
Saison de Lis 12x750
South Side Blonde 1/6 & 1/2 bbl kegs
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