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Ægir Bryggeri

Pronounced: "ah-GEAR brig-air-EE"

The excellent Norwegian brewery, Aegir Bryggeri, is in the heart of fjord country located in insanely beautiful Flam. Brew master Evan Lewis founded the brewery in 2007 and named it after the legendary Norse giant, Aegir, master of the ocean. The myths tell us that Aegir invited the gods annually to drink and feast at his home, and was known for having the best ale in Norway. The Aegir Brewery doesn’t make a lot of beer and most of what they do make is consumed in Norway. We consider ourselves lucky that we got our hands on some!

We are currently offering their Altbier (5.5%). This classic German style is originally from Dusseldorf (Try Feigeist Bierkultur’s Hoppeditz for a comparison of Altbiers made outside of Dusseldorf!). The color is a pretty medium brown and its light bodied, with lightly fruity with notes of caramel.  The Bøyla Blonde Ale, (4.7%) is a very straightforward and approachable beer. It is richer in fruity and estery flavors then Aegir’s Red Lager, and fuller-bodied. Aegir’s India Pale Ale (6.5%) is a deep copper colored beer made in the American west-coast IPA style, with a captivating hop aroma and flavor. The bitterness is crisp and up-front on the palate, complimenting the balanced maltiness. The Natt Imperial Porter, (10.0%) is a strong black porter rich with chocolate flavors abd a hint of Amarillo hops in the nose and finish. Perfect for a cold, dark evening and the ideal pairing with dark chocolate or your favorite dessert. Lynchburg Natt (10.0%) is a version of the Natt Imperial Porter, but aged in old Jack Daniel’s barrells from Lynchburg, Tennesee, hence the name. The Sumbel Porter (4.7%) is a very dark version of this style. It is round and velvety in mouthfeel, malty with residual sweetness. Good for apre-dinner in place of coffee; one of the few beers that actually pairs well with chocolate!


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